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The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Advisory Services Ltd. (IPAS), have been working closely with the HKSAR Intellectual Property Department, the HKSAR Trade and Industry Department, as well as many other public and private related organisations since its establishment, with the aim of providing SMEs with a full range of IP protection services, as well as enhancing both their knowledge and use of IP rights.

Our Team

Dr. Alex Lau

Partner, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Advisory
Service Limited (IPAS)

Dr Lau has received his PH.D(International Law-Competition Law) from the China University of Political Science and Law and Master of Law(Chinese and Comparative Law) and LLB from the Peking University of PRC and the City University of Hong Kong respectively. He has gained profound knowledge and experience on legal aspects of intellectual property market through his involvement in the legal industry for over twenty years.

  • Award :
    He is also recognized for his remarkable performance in the community service and has been awarded “the 2015 HKSAR Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service” in the area of intellectual property (IP).
  • The Government and Commercial Associations’ Consultants :
    For more than 8 years, he has been the Branding & IP Advisor (PRC) of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the IP Advisor of Hong Kong Design Centre.

    Currently, he is:

    - Chairman, Customer Liaison Group for SMEs, HKSAR Government of Trade and Industry Department
    - IP Advisor, HKSAR Government of Trade and Industry Department
    - Expert of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Protection Workstation Alliance Expert Committee
    - IP Advisor, HK Trade and Development Council
    - Vice Chairman, SME Global Alliance
    - Chairman, SME Global Alliance IP Committee
    - IP Consultant, Federation of HK Brands
    - IP Advisor, Asia Pacific Creative Industries Association
  • Mediator :
    - International Mediation Expert, International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation(IDRRMI)
    - Panel Mediator, HK Mediation Accreditation Association Ltd.
    - Accredited Int’l Professional Mediator, Mainland HK Joint Mediation Centre (MHKJMC)
    - Accredited Int’l Professional Mediation Coach, Mainland HK Joint Mediation Centre (MHKJMC)
    - Accredited Int’l Professional Mediation Assessor, Mainland HK Joint Mediation Centre (MHKJMC)
    - Vice President and Training Instructor, Institute of Mediators
    - Chairman of IP Mediation Committee, HK International Mediation Centre
    - Panel Mediator, Japan International Mediation Centre-Kyoto
    - Mediator, Foshan City of Shewai Commercial Disputes of HK, Macau & Taiwan Litigation – Mediation Office
    - IP Mediator of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau, GBA Intellectual Property Centre
  • Part time Lecturer :
    - Macau University of Science and Technology
    - School of Continuing Education, HK Baptist University
    - Centre for Continue Education, Macau University

YZ Pei

IP Enforcement Lawyer

After obtaining an honorary degree of Bachelor of Law from the Southwest University for Political Science & Law of China, Mr. Pei has been practising as a PRC lawyer, specialising in IP Litigation for over 10 years. Thus, he has gained profound knowledge and experience on all aspects of IP litigation and enforcement, and is recognized as one of the leading IP lawyers in China.

The success rate of infringement litigation over 98%:
  • Trademark (more than1000 successful cases)
  • PUMA
  • “ Great Wall”, “Huaxia” , “Fortune” , “Meng Niu” , “China Tea“ brands of COFCO
  • “Chung Hwa” brand of China First Pencil Co. Ltd.
  • “VICTOR” - “Victor” brand of VICTOR
  • “Zhang Xiaoquan” Scissors
  • Patents (more than 500 successful cases)
  • Invention patent: “slag machine" “glasses cleaning robot" etc
  • Utility model patent: “Refill perfume spray bottle", “multi-purpose juicer", "Shaft lock", “small food chopper"
  • Design Registration: “Street light", “Salad Spinner" etc
  • Copyright (more than100 successful cases)
  • "Ultraman"
  • Le Internet (Beijing) Co., Ltd
  • China Financial and Economic Publishing Press
  • Economic Sc​​ience Press
  • Higher Education Press

KK Lau

IP Protection Director

Mr. KK Lau has gained profound knowledge and experience in anti-privacy investigations as he has been handling IP investigations, from their planning stage to their implementation stage, for more than 20 years. He is, at present, actively engaging himself in IP investigation and protection work. He, too, has worked as the Executive Director of the "Motion Picture of Association America", and has dealt over 1000 anti-privacy cases and worked closely with related law enforcement authorities in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

In order to provide IP protection solutions to our customers, our IP protection work includes in-depth case analysis through internet search, exhibition patrol, market survey from stores, distributors and manufacturers.

  • Over 6000 cases of IPR protection is substantiated by us.

Vienne Liu

Company Registration Department Manager
Miss Vienne Liu has obtained her Master Degree of Law (International Economic Law) from the Hong Kong Chinese University (CUHK), and is currently, an Associate Member of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries Administration (ICSA) and The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS). She has also gained profound experience in company secretarial services and legal affairs management, through her previous engagement in international law firms and different OEM manufacturing companies.

Wendy Fok

Administration Manager
Miss Wendy Fok has obtained her Bachelor Degree of Marketing from the RMIT University in Australia, and studied her Master Degree of Law in the Renmin University of China. She has gained profound experience in business development, curriculum planning and administration before joining the IPAS, and is at present responsible for the administrative affairs of the IPAS, as well as designing and co-ordinating corporate training.

Penny Yu

Senior IP Consultant
Mr Penny Yu has obtained his Bachelor of Engineering from the University College of London and has already started working in the field of Intellectual Property Rights before joining the IPAS. He has gained profound knowledge and experience in handling international intellectual property registration matters, such as patent application strategy, trademark application, design registration and world-wide copyright registration and specializes in patent analysis and PCT applications.
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